Why Do You Need Enersys Batteries

Most of the devices that people utilize in their daily lives must be driven by power. Some of them, particularly pieces of industrial equipment, require fuel like gas, oil, or coal. Others rely on electricity to make their intended purpose possible. You can never guarantee that all of them are available all the time. Power interruptions can happen. Scarcity of resources may also be another factor.

In times that you need to continue your business operations the most,  Enersys batteries can always save your day. The lead-acid batteries are dependable.

What is Lead-acid Battery?

Thanks to Gaston Planté. A rechargeable battery, which is popularly used today in motor vehicles, was conceived in 1859. It’s the lead-acid battery — 2nd to the oldest kind of battery. The battery’s cells have a relatively substantial power-to-weight percentage.

Moreover, lead-acid battery manufacturing procedures continue to bring enhancements in reliability, life, and energy density. These improvements make the lives of many people more comfortable and productive.

Fun Fact: Recently, collaborative efforts of skilled scientist and archeologists found out that the oldest type of battery was utilized by the Ancient Egyptians.  These professionals in their field believe that ancient civilization has been utilizing advanced technology back then.

Components of Lead-acid Battery

  • Flat lead plates dipped in a puddle of electrolyte
  • Water addition
  • Sulfuric acid

There’s another form of power generation instrument — the tubular lead-acid battery. The technique of constructing this battery is different from those made of plates. Typically, it has red led powder and fiberglass tubes with lead oxide. The components are contained in the plastic fitting.

The Essence of Lead-acid Battery

The lead-acid battery is very useful in times of emergencies. Facilities, institutions, and establishments that need this device include the following:

  • Medical facilities and hospitals
  • Telecommunication facilities
  • Grocery stores
  • Restaurants
  • Naval facilities
  • Aerospace
  • Data storage industries
  • Schools
  • And many more

Battery driven by lead and acid is beneficial at homes. Households use it for cars, scooters, wheelchairs, etc. Typical charging period is 8 to 18 hours. Take note to store it in a charged state. You’ll be confident to use this power-storing device because dilute sulfuric acid inside is not flammable.

When you buy a lead-acid battery, don’t hesitate to ask battery professionals. With their help, you can choose the right battery for your application.