What are Oak Frames?

The construction of an oak frame is considered one of the modern methods of construction. Green oak frames are typically done off-site and then delivered to your home to be erected by a professional team. The project usually lasts in less than a week, but it depends on the desired size and the complexity involves.

Here are more things about oak frames that you should know about:

Clean Them Once Erected

As soon as the construction stage has been completed, those frames will require some cleaning. This is because there may be watermarks (or bluing) and other typical marks brought about by the building process.

You can leave this task with an oak frame supplier, although you may opt to do this by yourself too.

Shrinking Is Normal

When it comes to using green oak frames, shrinkage is a guaranteed factor. These green oaks are unseasoned wood, which makes them have a much higher content of moisture compared to the seasoned ones.

But over time, the green oak will lose its moisture and shrink gradually, especially within the first few years.

An Oak Frame Is A Cost-Effective Option

While oak frames are generally more costly than the traditional softwood frames, they are equivalent to any high-quality construction method.

If budget is an important factor in your oak project, consider using this material in key areas of your home, including entrance hall, living room, kitchen, master bedroom, dining area, or kitchen. You can continue the oak details, joinery, and lintels throughout your house.

It Is Possible To Extend Your Oak

If you are planning to extend your house, then oak frames are a great option. Probably, you cannot find a construction method that is as versatile as oak.

But keep in mind a few important factors when planning to extend using oak. Again, green oak frames are prone to shrinking. Therefore, the oak frame you will be using must be correctly detailed. Glazing, roof, and walls have to go outside the oak frames. Glazing, in particular, must be detailed accordingly as a way to prevent water leakage.

Oak frames are great construction materials for your home. Remember to ask the expert to help you with your project from the planning phase to the execution part.