Used Vinyl Plank Flooring To Replace The Carpet In My Home

My husband and I talked about replacing the carpeting in our home. I hated it because it was a light color and we have pets and a child that trample mud and dirt on it. It seemed like it didn’t matter how much I tried to shampoo it or vacuum it, it still looked dirty and grungy. I told him I eventually wanted to replace it and to be on the look out for any good deals on some other type of flooring rather than carpet.

The next day he went to a discount store that has flooring in it. He wasn’t ready to purchase anything just yet, but wanted to see what they had. He sent me pictures of the flooring while he was there to show me what they had. Then he called me and explained that this was vinyl plank flooring and it was pretty nice. He told me this was easy to install too and since we were planning on doing it ourselves, was a great feature of it. He said the price on it was so good he was just going to go ahead and buy it now so we could have it. He didn’t want to go back later to get it and it be gone. Click for vinyl plank flooring here.

He came home with the vinyl plank flooring that evening after work. I looked at it and really liked it. He was telling me how it goes down and how many people that do have this flooring really like it. I asked him when he wanted to start ripping up the carpet and he said he wanted to make that our weekend project. I agreed and it would work out perfect because we didn’t have any plans for the weekend and our son was going to be with my husband’s parents.

We got our carpet ripped up and out of our home. It was terrible the things like dust and dander that carpet held in. I was happy to get it out of my home. We got our floors cleaned and ready to apply the vinyl plank flooring. It was easy to put down and cut when necessary. We worked on this project all weekend and finally got it all done. The last step was to put the baseboard up and my husband did that part. The new flooring looks great and it’s easy to keep clean.